Welcome Drink (Choice of one)

Frish Mix Fruit Juice / Guava & Strawberry / Mango & Orange Juice


Choice of 04 Salads

Tomato, Cucumber, Onion, Pineapple

Fresh Green garden with Onion

Potato & Parsley Salad

Morocco Salad

Russian Salad

Carrot Green Chilly & Sultana Salad


Dressing (All Included)

Mustard Dressing

Soya Sauce

Cocktail Sauce

Lemon grass Vinaigiratte


Choice of 04 Dishes

Spicy Thai Rice

Nasi Gorang Rice

Mix Vegetable Fried Noodles

Malaysian Vegetable Vermicelli

Pasta with Cream Sauce

Red Rice


Choice of 03 Main Dishes

Chicken Khorma

Singapore Chilly Chicken

Chineso Pork with coldery

Pepper Pork or Chily Pork

Fish Thai Red Curry

Mutton Black Curry


Choice of o4 vegetable

Been & Gram curry with onion Tempert

Potato Tempert

Vegetable Tempura

Brinjol Pehie

Deviled Wild Mushroom

Chilly Fried Red Dhal Curry


Condiments (All Included)


Dry Seeni Sambol


Chilly Past

Fried Chilly

Pineapple Chutney


Choice of 05 Desserts


Cream Caramel Pudding

Coffee Caramel Pudding

Jelly with Custard

Ice Cream

Fresh Cut Fruits

Pineapple Moose

Chocolate Moose


Iced Coffee


  Ground Floor A/C LKR.1590/-  Up 175 LKR.1490/-

  First Floor LKR.1690/-  Up 300 LKR.1490/-