Reception and Conference Hall


You are about to set foot at the best reception and conference hall in Galle being able to gather one thousand members under one roof. We own two huge and complete reception and conference halls. Both are fully air-conditioned, fully carpeted and fully curtained to match cozy five star ambience. We are happy to see you enjoying every moment in your special meeting in our hotel.

We provide any kind of mike(wired, wireless or FM mike), speakers, podiums, white screens, etc. on your request.

Get a price estimate for your event regarding these packages. You will get a lot more services from us


Wedding Hall

The best place for you to make your wedding more special, spend that awesome day with your friends, relations and colleagues & let them enjoy that beautiful day with you. We are ready to take the responsibility for making it the best day of your life. Aradhana Hotel invites you to come and feel that experience.

We provide you the essentials to make your very special day more special. Poruwa Ceremony, Ashtaka, serveware, furnishings, decorations, music & DJ, etc

Get a price estimate for your event regarding these packages. You will get a wedding car, Poruwa, decorations and a musician from us.


Festival Items

We supply equipment to suit the needs of any party! We have anything suitable for your wedding, evening party, birthday party, get together and much more.

  • Flowers
  • Serveware
  • Furnishings
  • Decorations
  • DJ
  • Poru/Poru Ceremony
  • Ashtaka
  • Vehicles

If involved early enough, we can order and coordinate all aspects of operations. We are ready to cater for any type of indoor & outdoor function.